Supreme Court Swearing In

The CCDLA will sponsor a group admission to the United State Supreme Court on Tuesday October 7.  15 Members will be sworn in as members of the Supreme Court Bar upon motion by President Walkley.

Board Member Responsibility


In order to better serve the members, the Executive Board has voted to adopt a plan to assign responsibilities among the Board so that each member has direct input on a specific area of the Board’s function.  This breakdown will begin in the 2014-2015 year.  The Board believes that by adopting this, it will enhance the functioning of the organization as a whole, and also give a well rounded experience to each Board member while moving on the path to president.

The plan is:

Year 1 on Board: You work on membership & website (updating website, events/bar swearing, sitting at registration tables etc)
Year 2 on Board: You help plan CLE with the President Elect
Year 3 on Board: You work on amicus issues, including briefing when appropriate
Year 4 on Board: Parliamentarian: You work on Legislative stuff assisting the VP and run the annual meeting
Year 5 on Board: Treasurer: You handle budget, taxes and new membership initiatives
Year 6 on Board: Secretary: You plan annual meeting entirely
Year 7 on Board: VP: you take LEAD on legislative issues with year 4 member helping you.
Year 8 on Board: President Elect: You take lead on CLE for the year
Year 9 on Board: President: You are president and do all president does: the late nights in the legislature, judicial involvement, press inquiries, etc.
Year 10 on Board: Immediate Past President: You assist with annual meeting and CLE

Website Launches

This will be the where the daily/weekly/monthly blog is posted.  We can announce new items here, as well as have written posts from members.  Tomorrow, John will film a video for this welcoming everyone to the website.

Annual Meeting Set

Our annual Meeting location has been set this year.  Once again it will be at Anthony’s Ocean View in New Haven.  Thursday October 16.  More details to follow.